Frequently Asked Questions

Shrimply are raised and harvested in our pristine, controlled land-based Shrimp Farm located at Waterford Farms near Strathmore, Alberta.

Shrimply Shrimp is farmed in closed containment which means it does not have contact with anything that can negatively impact our shrimp. Waterford Farms state of the art farming techniques do not pollute or have any negative affect on the
environment. Our controlled environment means the health of the shrimp is supported by being monitored from egg to harvest. Shrimply is just a delicious, sustainable, healthier alternative.

The short answer is no. The farm is a bio-secure temperature-controlled facility, so no public tours are currently offered.

Waterford Farms shrimp has received the coveted Ocean Wise rating, a recognition that few shrimp farms based overseas ever receive.

Our shrimp are harvested only as we need them, and our distributors will receive fresh Shrimp several times a week to ensure maximum taste and freshness. 

Shrimply is farmed.

Shrimply shrimp is farmed in a controlled, secure indoor environment, using the finest aquaculture science and technology, allowing us to monitor and trace our shrimp completely.

Traditional shrimp farming is done mostly by building shrimp ponds near tidal areas. This saves farmers the expense of high elevation water pumps and long-term pumping costs but may mean deforestation and water contamination.

Our shrimp are fed a diet of ultra-sustainable ingredients including fishmeal. We do not use any mammal ingredients and the raw materials used to produce our feed is made of cuts non-suitable for human consumption, assuring the best protein in to protein out ratio in the industry which is another reason why Shrimply is the most sustainable shrimp in the world.

The aim is 16-20ct per pound.

Live or Fresh, depending on location. Fresh will have head & tail on.

Click on the Order Here tab where retail locations are listed.

No, they are not fed for 3 days before harvest therefore the vein is empty.

Head-on shrimp can be safely stored in your fridge (with ice) for up to 2 days while maintaining peak freshness. Preparing, serving and enjoying your shrimp during this 48-hour window produces an exceptional food experience.

If you need to store the shrimp longer than 2 days, removing the heads will let you enjoy peak freshness for a full 4 days. Just don’t forget, head-on shrimp is much more flavourful than shrimp with the head removed.

Cooked shrimp will stay safe and flavourful for a maximum of 4 days in your refrigerator, offering you even more options.

If you must freeze fresh shrimp, always remove the heads first. Be sure to use frozen shrimp within 4 months, and only defrost shrimp over-night in the fridge, never on the counter or in the sink.

We are fully staffed and not looking to add to our team.

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