Welcome to our revolution!

Meet Shrimply. The freshest shrimp you’ll ever enjoy, raised with a commitment to protecting our planet and the best that aquaculture has to offer!

We raise the highest quality, freshest Shrimp available anywhere in the world, and we do it sustainably. It’s that shrimple.

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Healthy & Delicious

Our shrimp are loaded with everything you want and none of the things you don’t.

No Antibiotics, Pesticides or Preservatives 

Low in Calories, High in Protein 

Loaded with Key Nutrients

Great Tasting

Consistent & Fresh

Our modular, Clearwater Recirculating Aquaculture System ensures our shrimp are raised in the perfect conditions from infancy to harvest. This means you can rely on our shrimp to be consistently tasty and high-quality, every time you order.

Highest Quality Shrimp Available 

Fully Traceable 

A Taste & Texture You Can Trust 

We’re the antidote to what doesn’t work in the current shrimp industry.

Shrimp trawling has the highest amount of bycatch of all seafood products and severely impacts ocean ecosystems. We eliminate that.

Slave labour and human rights violations are a consistent theme in the international shrimp industry. People are abused, exploited and trafficked in order to staff the labor-intensive processes needed to get shrimp to international markets at the lowest price possible. We eliminate this injustice.

Due to the intensive operations and poor sanitary conditions in many global shrimp producing nations, the predominance of antibiotic and harsh chemical use has continually increased. We eliminate these risks entirely.

Where to
Find Shrimply

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Latest News + Cooking Tips

We’re Expanding!

Waterford Farms is expanding their operations in 2020. We’ll be nearly doubling our capacity. This means that while the farm is under construction no shrimp

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Our Values

Eat fresh, eat well, do no harm.

High Standards

Waterford Farms created Shrimply, and its mushroom and veggie farms on a simple premise: produce the highest quality shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables available anywhere in the world and do it sustainably.

The Challenge Ahead

We need to rethink our food chain and improve our relationship with the planet, and Waterford Farms is part of the solution.

Our Team

Our world-class team includes precision agriculture and recirculating aquaculture experts as well as advanced water system engineers. Together they are redefining what sustainability, quality and great taste look like.

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