Recirculating aquaculture is the future of shrimp

Waterford Farms in-land shrimp facility is located in Strathmore, Alberta. We are capable of producing 60,000 lbs. of shrimp annually, and our project focuses on the adoption and commercialization of innovative recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology within the Alberta market. This RAS technology was specifically designed to raise quality shrimp while minimizing or eliminating the negative environmental and social impacts commonly observed in the industry.

Our facility is safe, pristine and secure. We grow our shrimp in the most traceable environment available and we only harvest the shrimp we need, when we need them. Beyond creating new industry and new jobs in Alberts, we’re trying to use ingenuity and responsibility to help reimagine the food chain while protecting our oceans. Shrimp popularity is at a global high, and Shrimply shrimp are the purest shrimp you can eat and cook with.

Welcome to our delicious revolution.

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Welcome to the revolution!

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